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      SAFE soap for high allergy people!


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    Gentle body care
    A mild hand and body wash that’s perfect for the whole family. Versatile Green contains natural, kelp based proteins that gently dissolve dirt without drying. Keep some by the sink, by the tub, and in the shower. You’ll never settle for soap again!

    Item # 4191 1 gallon


    Water, lauramide DEA, TEA lauryl lulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, hydrolyzed animal protein, kelpro, citric acid, tetrasodium EDTA, preservative, fragrance, color.


    Quality Control Specifications

    pH 6.5-7.5

    Non-volatile matter: 8.0-10.0%

    Viscosity at 20*C: 5,000-7,000 cps

    • Contains Kelpro, exclusive organic protein base, for effective, gentle cleansing.
    • Versatile & Economical – highly concentrated, to be used sparingly for effective results.
    • Neutral pH – fully compatible with human skin.
    • Free rinsing – leaves no sticky residue or attract dirt, dust or grime.
    • “Green glove” – protects hands.
    • Nonflammable – can be used or stored near heat or open flames.
    • 100% Biodegradable.



    How To Use Green:

    Personal Care: Use full strength.

    Medium Use: One teaspoon per quart of water.

    Light Use: A few drops in a basin of cool water.


    Uses of Green:

    Bathroom: Shampoo, shower, bath, for abrasions, minor cuts or scratches – clean area around wound carefully, rinse with generous amounts of cool water, and dry with a clean towel.

    Laundry: Baby clothes, lingerie, panty hose, stockings (medium use).

    Garage: Cover hands and arms directly from the bottle for a washable “glove” that protects during dirty jobs and makes cleanup quick and easy.

    Outdoors: Spray (medium use strength) on trees and shrubs to remove dust; good for indoor plants, too.

    Other Uses: Bathing pets, cleaning eyeglasses, eliminates strong odors from handling onions, fish, meat or animals.

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