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      Provides herbs that assist the body’s healthy response to upper respiratory challenges such as pollen and other allergens. Includes horseradish, pleurisy root, capsicum, and eight other herbs and phytonutrient-rich components.

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    Just because you don’t have a disease doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at your healthy best. Daily wellness, that state of feeling at your best every day, has, for most of human history, been associated with daily use of herbs. Contemporary science now confirms that if you seek to feel your best every day, you should consider herbal supplementation.

    Item #3652 In addition to life-giving oxygen, the atmospheric environment includes a mix of
    pollution, smoke, smog, bacteria, pollens and allergenic substances which can result
    in respiratory sensitivities and distress. Master herbalists know that a healthy and
    unrestricted respiratory system, free from allergic reactions, is critical to optimal
    wellness. They discovered that certain herbs work together to support respiratory
    wellness, especially with regard to upper respiratory function
    90 tablets
    (See also Herbal Respiratory Formula™)


    Serving Size 1 Tablet as needed

    Servings per container 90

    Amount per serving

    Herbal Proprietary Blend            1740mg.

    Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana)(root); Pleurisy (Asclepias tuberosa)(root); Fenugreek (Trigonella fornum)(seed); Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)(leaf); Cayenne (Capsicum annuum)(fruit); Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)(whole plant); Bee Pollen; Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra)(bark); Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)(whole plant); Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum)(whole plant); Molasses.

    Suggested Use: 1 to 3 tablets daily.


    GNLD’s Resp-X natural herbal blend is a unique formulation containing pre-measured quantities of the finest ingredients for the purpose of maximizing co-related benefits for upper respiratory tract wellness.


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