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      Strong, yet gentle on hands, LDC combines three powerful cleaning agents to handle jobs from kitchen sink to the workbench. Environmentally friendly LDC dilutes and rinses easily and is safe for fine washables.


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    General Purpose Concentrate


    LDC (Light Duty Cleaner)

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    33.8 oz. (1 liter)

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    1.3 gallons. (5 liters)



    Water, linear alkyl benzene sulfonate sodium & triethanolamine salt, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA, cocoamidopropyl betaine, sodium xylenesulfonate, urea, opacifier, preservatives, fragrance, color.


    Quality Control Specifications

    pH: 7-8

    Non-volatile matter: 35-45%

    Viscosity at 20*C: 500 to 800 cps

    1. Completely free-rinsing
    2. Digs out dirt
    3. Gentle enough for fine fabrics, personal care
    4. Economical: dilute for months of household use
    5. Versatile: cleans your house, laundry and auto
    6. Phosphate-free
    7. Biodegradable
    8. Makes water “wetter” and penetrates grease



    Dirty Dishes: Use one “healthy” squirt of LDC under the force of running water to make lots of bubbles. In hard water you may need to use a little more. Dishes drain spotless. L.C. is mild to your hands. You need no rubber gloves. LDC holds grease in suspension and floats in down the drain, eliminating the use of a gritty abrasive cleanser.

    Fruits & Vegetables: Fill your sink and add three to four drops of LDC into water. Let the fresh vegetables and fruits soak in this solution for a few minutes. The LDC will suspend all of the crop oils and insecticides in the water. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water, dry and store normally.

    Hand Cleaner: Before starting housework, rub LDC into your hands like a lotion. It protects your hands so the grease doesn’t get into the pores. When you are ready to clean your hands, squirt some of this mixture into your hands and rub them together to loosen the dirt and grease. Wipe off with towel.

    Kitchen: Appliances, refrigerators, and stoves: Spray or wipe on with damp cloth, wipe dry. Excellent for cleaning and polishing.

    Laundry: Makes hard water soft. Adds penetration power to water so tough grease, tar or wax stains from wash-and-wear fabrics. Spray on stains and wash normally.

    Hand Washables: Use cold water and add ½ capful of LDC to laundry tub. Let soak. Rinse well. L.C. is effective on nylon, rayon, cotton, polyester and other synthetics, including Lycra and Spandex.

    Sinks & Tubs: If you use LDC, you will never have to use a gritty cleaner again. Use mixing bottle.

    Typewriter Keys: Saturate cloth with solution of one part LDC, one part water. Wring out cloth then wipe off keys, leaving them shiny clean. Also use same solution to clean off typewriter letters – all ink deposits will disappear.

    Wallpaper Removal: Use three to four capfuls of LDC with 1-½ gallons of HOT water.l Apply with a sponge. Let soak. Scrape off with putty knife.

    Weed Spraying: Mix one capful of L.C. in a quart jar with weed killer and spray weeds. The LDC helps to penetrate the ground more deeply and carry the weed killers to the roots of the weeds.

    Window Washing: Use two caps of LDC diluted 1-to-1. Then rinse windows.

    Cars: Add ½ cup to radiator and leave in system. LDC acts as a cleaner and lubricant.

    Woodwork & Walls: For mild cleaning, use ½ capful of diluted LDC in one gallon of water. LDC can be used on all washable materials. It will not remove paint unless water alone will remove it. Test painted surfaces with water first.

    Varnished Walls: One part LDC to 30 parts water. Wipe down with sponge.

    Waxed or Tile Floors: Add 1 oz. of LDC to 1 gallon of water. Mop floors, air dry.


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